My Life Without Social Media


For the past few years my phone has been everything to me. Ever since that fateful day in tenth grade when I finally got a smart phone, the IPhone 4S. From the second I got it, it never left my side. I brought it to class, to practice, to sporting events, to movies, on dates, everywhere!

My phone was my right hand man. I could do anything I want with it. I could listen to music (as I always do), I could go on social media, I could take pictures with my friends in the library garden and instantly post them to Facebook.

This all changed a little over a week ago. My phone stopped working and won’t turn on. Well really it started to crumble last year when I got angry and threw my brand new IPhone 5S and it shattered. Less than a month old and there in the middle of a random Florida road was my broken phone. My brother gave me his old IPhone 4 from three years earlier. That lasted a year but it was so old it that by this year it could not get new apps or updates and worked slowly. Most things on it couldn’t work anymore. So my brother got the IPhone 6 and gave me his IPhone 5. But all he really did was hand over all his problems to me. Now that IPhone 5 won’t turn on and my parents refuse to buy me a new phone until my contract is up to teach me a lesson to take care of my things. So for the past week I have been as unreachable as possible for a college student in 2015.

In the past week I have not been able to make phone calls or text people other than iMessage. I do still have my MacBook and my IPad to communicate. Unfortunately my mother does not have an IPhone to be able to text me though. My way of communicating with her now is FacetTiming because she does have a MacBook and uses my dads account for it. The problem is both of us need to have our computers open at the same time and the same account is hooked up to my dads phone so if I try to FaceTime I never know if it’ll be my mother at home or my father at work. Whoever answers first gets to be the one to talk to their darling daughter.

My only way to communicate with family
My only way to communicate with family

I also don’t have the world at my fingertips wherever I go. Yes I cans still snapchat and go on social media and listen to music but not while I’m at the soccer game or just anywhere like I used to. Now I need to find a wifi connection but I don’t really feel like whipping out my IPad at the gym to listen to music, that would look a little funny. Listening to music was my thing, my whole team knows me for always having my headphones in and my coach always has to take them out when I’m around recruits.

I never considered myself to be someone addicted to technology. I don’t absolutely need it as some other people my age need it. I’m doing fine without it. It’s been a week and I’m still alive. But I have learned that a phone is a great barrier to the world around us. It was intended to keep us more connected no matter how far we are but at the same time it can keep your personal world away. Try sitting in the cafeteria by yourself waiting for the rest of your team eating, all the tables around you in conversation and you there by yourself no one to talk to and nothing to look at. Straight up, it’s awkward. There’s nothing wrong with eating by yourself but it does look and feel a lot less awkward with a phone there to at least make it seem you’re social in some way.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 1.53.39 PM
My favorite station on Pandora. Used to always walk around with it playing or listen to it at the gym.

Another student without social media!!!

Spend way too much time on BuzzFeed

Looking at food is almost as good as eating it

Social Media life

Life is better with social media

Life of a Phone


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