Social Media Today

Media influences consumer culture by having so many things to watch or be a part of that are so alike and so similar that one show or movie or social media site can lead to another then another then another and the consumer will be stuck in the cycle until someone or something pulls them out.

For me, it’s the social media sites, especially tumblr.  I will somehow always find myself back on tumblr.  Every time I open my computer, even to do homework I continually go “Oh, I’m on tumblr.”  It has just become a part of my everyday routine.   It is not so bad when I just go to tumblr for a quick second and see if I have new notifications or followers or messages but when I actually get into tumblr and scroll through my dashboard.

Social media gets you, or at least me, because there will be a post on one site that leads to another and then you’re stuck in that site until you see a link to another.  Facebook does this a lot because there is a link to just about every other social media site on Facebook.  You could be scrolling through and see a cool BuzzFeed food video and be like “wow that looks yummy” and click on the link and all of a sudden be on Youtube looking at food videos for the next hour.

Even though endlessly scrolling through social media can waste a lot of time, if you only use it when you do not have important things to get done, it makes chilling out a lot easier and you get to learn of new things.

like this awesome breakfast recipe I got off BuzzFeed food
like this awesome breakfast recipe I got off BuzzFeed food

You can learn new recipes for food (one of my favorites) or another big thing I do is discover new bands while on Youtube.  In the adds for music videos lots of times will be the video for a new band with the same record label.  This draws me in for so long because then I’ll just want to know everything about the band and watch all their videos.  And ultimately end up back at the page for the band I originally went on too watch.

Many people have been saying how the media is bad, but to help sell a product or get the word out about something it is very useful.  Yes, if someone is using social media every second of every day then that is bad.  But now even social media can cover the news.  If you want to see the news but are too intimidated by big sites or don’t know what site to use you can always just sign up for the BuzzFeed news newsletter.

Social media can also help connect people to their family.  It is good for the consumer and for a company marketing because they can play with someone’s feelings and promote something they would like at the time.  FaceBook is a big one that will put up ads that relate to what you have been recently searching.  So right now that is look helping out Jimmy Johns because all I do is look up food and a Jimmy Johns ad keeps popping up and that sounds good right about now.

Social media is connected to everything now and it isn’t just something those teens do anymore, it is becoming a big part of everyone’s lifestyle.


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