You’re 21 and it’s Halloween.  The best day of the year with candy and costumes and partying.  But you’re too old to go trick-or-treating and too young to be handing out candy to the kiddies.  So what do you do?

You go on the Halloween train, that’s what you do.  The perfect place for twenty and thirty year olds to have fun on Halloween partying but also fulfilling there youthful side with so sweet sugary candy.

This train isn’t like any other train.  It will do a round trip starting Westchester NY making it’s way to the city and back for a four hour long party.  The first few cars would be a haunted house based on the Walking Dead to get your scare out.  Then the next car would be a candy bar set up like Dylan’s Candy Bar to satisfy your sweet tooth on Halloween.  Then the next car would be just a bar to get a drink after all the scaring and to loosen you up.  Then the next few car would be playing music and have dance floors and mini-bars and would be designated for the party.  Then the last car would be a chill relaxing bar with many sofas and chairs and tables for people to sit and get to know each other.

This train is like no other Halloween experience.  It’s everything about Halloween in one.  The party, the scare, the candy, the drinking, and of course the costumes all in one big party with all the twenty one year olds and up in the Westchester, Putnam, Duchess, Fairfield, and Rockland Counties.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Halloween Treats

Why we need our own thing

Walking Dead Haunted House

To be served at the bar

When I interviewed three people about this idea the comments I got were positive and here are some things they said.


Tess Rivera thinks the idea is sick and wants this to happen.  She said though that all the workers should have to be in costume and make them good costume to give it a good feel.


Jackie Hemler also thinks the idea is good and off of what Tess said, she agrees because on Halloween this year she went to a restaurant and the waitress was in costume and she said it gave it a better atmosphere.


Jen Northam suggested that their should be another train earlier in the day for kids and families to experience it too.  When Jackie heard that she also suggested a babysitting service for the night train for adults.


Media and What it Does to Our Self Esteem

80% of women do not like their bodies.  92% of young girls want to change something on their body.  98% of young girls feel pressured to look a certain way based on other people or media.

So what do these statistics say?  These statistics show how low the self esteem of young girls in the United States has become.  And it isn’t even just high schoolers and college aged girls, this is the young girls in elementary school that have already started dieting.  Yes elementary aged girls, statistics show that 80% of ten-year-old girls have already dieted.  The little girls that should be spending their summers chasing down ice cream trucks are already dieting.

This isn’t just a new way of thinking that has come about from parents, this has come from the media.  Girls have admitted to judging themselves next to supermodels in magazines and trying to make their bodies like the girls they read about in magazines.  But the girls seen on magazine covers aren’t even real.  They’re photoshopped so much that what they look like doesn’t even show in the magazine.

Magazines have been photoshopping so much that it has gotten to the point where even the young girls being photoshopped have spoken up about it and called out the fashion magazines.  The most recent of these incidents was nineteen year old Zendaya.  She called out Modeliste, a fashion magazine, on her Instagram for slimming her waist and thighs and said how these are the things destroying the self esteem of young girls today.

This leaves the question, that if celebrities are calling out magazines for photoshopping them, what do young girls think of seeing these photoshopped images everywhere they turn.  These young girls see this photoshopped images while at the grocery store, this could be why so many have dieted so young.  They see the image and put back the Lucky Charms and get Special K instead.

An end has got to come to the unnecessary photoshopping of women that already look beautiful the way they are.  Yes some companies have started a body peace campaign where they have larger models, but what about the models between?  It is good that plus girls now have representation but it leaves the average girls at size four and six wondering where there representation is.  Why is there such a jump between the models, one being a size zero and one a size sixteen leaves girls confused on what an average size really is.

It is up to the media and parents to let young girls know that their body size is good where it is.  The girls on magazine covers are photoshopped to unrealistic sizes.  Parents need to start boosting their daughters self esteem at a young age letting them know they’re beautiful how they are.  People, especially parents, need to stop bashing how other’s look because it’ll make their kids scared of being thought of that way and compare themselves to that.

A new era needs to begin.  We have started a change but our generation needs to push it even further to where body shaming will no longer be a thing in the media.  Photoshop will only be for girls cropping themselves into pictures with their favorite celebrity.  And where self esteem and being proud of your body will be a common thing.

Photoshop behind the scenes

How beauty differs around the world

Women’s bodies through history 

A Face on Vacation


The place is in a house in North Redington Beach, Florida.  It’s the middle of October nice and warm still but free of humidy.


The face is sixteen year old Jake Lopes.  The cousin who loves The Walking Dead so has come down to the house to go to hang out and go to Halloween Horror Nights.  He is excited to get away from the cold of Westchester New York to come to Florida for the weekend.


The family is filling the outdoor space searching for Dolphins.


The face interacts with the place by having fun.  The place is a vacation and he treats it as such by being more at ease here than in bustling New York where there is no relaxing.


Warped tour 2014 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Getting to the end of the day but still boiling hot out and everyone crowded at the main stage to see The Story So Far perform.  Everyone is super sweaty and sticky from being pushed together in the Florida summer.  The smell of teenage body odor mixed with the fishy smell of the dolphins and sting rays swimming by the merch tents.  The salty spray of the Gulf’s water hitting you, licking your lips to get the spray and sweat away.  Ears ringing from The Story So Far playing there set at full blast with Kelen Capener’s bass surging through your body from your feet to ears and Parker Cannon yelling his lyrics.


The greatest day of senior year, the day you finally get to leave it all behind.  Senior send-off the entire upper, middle, and lower school cramped into our tiny outdated chapel with the creaky pews made for six but on this special day fitting up to nine.  Everybody sitting right on top of each other.  So close you can smell the shampoo the girls used that morning and the cologne the guys used to enjoy this special day.  Mr. Hamilton opening the windows to let in the cool breeze of an April day.  The chatter is loud with screaming five year olds to crying eighteen year olds.   The taste of our final lunch at Wooster still fresh in our mouths.  The headmaster and his crew of heads of schools sitting on the the stand in their suits ready to start the ceremony. Everybody’s ready to get going and leave the campus for our final time until June when we leave this chapel for good.


Cascade Farms Pawling New York, the farm that the Wooster tenth grade class every year becomes one.  2011 was the year of Mr. Curry singing Taylor Swift at the bonfire, man hunt in the woods, Rachel Lynch’s broken arm, Ben Bratter’s popped eye vessel, Jackson Gelinas almost dying on the trailer, and the haunted hayride to bond us all together forever.  Day two, our group was on the wagon connected to the back of the trailer.  We were all sweaty from getting our morning chores done and thinking it’d be cold.  Just stripped from our under armour because we were sweating too much getting our anger out with the sledge hammers destroying the bunk beds and listening to Ben Bratter yell at them about Nazi Germany.  Our mouths were dry in the heat waiting for lunch with our banana bread to come but we still had to pick watermelon and squash before we ate.  But our stomach’s aren’t sure we want the food yet because all we can smell are the four pigs eating our leftovers from the morning.  We feel the hard wood under us holding us up and our arms coming around each other to start unifying us as one mighty class.


It’s game day, the big day finally here.  Preparing all week just to step out on the field in front of our friends and family to play the game we love.  We’re all in the huddle interlocking with each other, being as close as a team should be.  The music on the field stopped.  The crowd is silent watching us.  We hear Juli start the cheer and we all follow along.  The taste of rubber mouth guards in our mouths and the sweat on the back of our necks.  The smell of sweat wafting off our gear we’ve been using the past three months.  We look each other in the eyes and see the hunger and fire building inside.  We nod our heads in agreement, win this game.


The famous Redington Pier, well famous to the teenagers at least, and to the fishermen who is was built for.  Midday in march, it couldn’t be better.  The air is calm and taste of salt from the Gulf.  The sand is nice and soft and cool on the bottom of our feet.  You can hear the seagulls above and the waves crashing into the pillars.  The roll of coolers on the pier above of fishermen going out to get their catch of the day.  We can see into the water for miles and miles, no land to be seen.  Look behind us and it’s a row of small bright hotels and a mile to our right, a smaller pier.  Keep looking further and you see the mansions, a display of Florida wealth.  It’s a perfect getaway from a snowy Connecticut spring.

My Creative Autobiography

  1. The first creative moment I remember is senior year of high school when my english class was told to write a love story and most people wrote a typical cinderella story but I wrote a love story between two whales called “Whale You Always Love Me.”  I got the best grade in the class and my mom framed it as a typical mother does and then signed me up for creative writing the next semester.
  2. My teacher who told all the other classes she taught about it and my mother.
  3. The best idea I ever had was to transfer schools.
  4. It was great because being at private school, I was allowed to be more creative and be my own person instead of being just one person in two thousand other students like at public school.
  5. The dumbest idea I ever had was to lie to my mom.
  6. It was dumb because mothers find out everything.
  7. I was a dumb teenager that wanted to be able to go out all the time like everyone else at school but didn’t realize that my mom had my best intentions in mind and didn’t want me to turn out like everyone else at school.
  8. My creative ambition is to be able to have a job that makes a lot of money that I love.
  9. My obstacles are finding a job that I truly do love and won’t get bored of.
  10. Vital steps to achieving this is graduating college and doing internships while at college and to get a job after graduation.
  11. I begin my day by going to the bathroom and washing my face and eating, eating is very important to me.
  12. My habits are putting my contacts in then deciding I need to pee.
  13. My first successful creative act was my whale story because that made my English teacher talk to me a lot more and give me the extra boost above everyone else.
  14. My second successful act was a short story I wrote in creative writing the next semester and it was the first time I let people besides the teacher read my work.  We had a poetry slam type event where we were supposed to present our short stories in different topics and I did one for #SerialKillerProbs and I had a girl in the dram department present it and everyone loved it.
  15. My first act lead to my second act.
  16. My attitude towards money is I want it, I’m accustomed to a certain lifestyle and I want to keep that lifestyle and I will work hard to keep it.  My attitude towards power is I like to have it.  My attitude towards praise is when it is giving towards me I like it, but I don’t constantly need it.  I’m a lacrosse goalie and we don’t exactly get a lot of praise so I’m used to praising myself.  My attitude towards rivals is if you have them they push you harder than a friend does.  My attitude towards work and play is if you don’t work you can’t play.
  17. The artists I admire most are Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph of Twenty-One Pilots because they created such a different sound but can connect to so many people through their music.
  18. They are role models because they made something of theirselves and along the way helped people find music to be with them through everything.
  19. My role models and I don’t want to be ordinary.
  20. No one regularly inspires me.
  21. My muse is a dog I used to have named Blizzard.
  22. Muse is someone or something that serves as inspiration.
  23. When confronted with superior intelligence I ask them to help me and teach me.
  24. When faced with stupidity, hostility, intransigence, laziness, or indifference in others I try to reason with them and show them why we should be doing or thinking how we are but I don’t want to argue with someone being lazy or stupid so if it turns into an argument I stop and just do me and do what I want and be my own person.
  25. When faced with a threat of failure I work harder so I don’t fail.
  26. When I work I love the result.
  27. My reach exceeds my grasp when I take on too much in too little time.
  28. My ideal creative activity is writing.
  29. My greatest fear is that I won’t live up to expectations that my family have put on me.
  30. The likely hood of doing my creative activity is not high because I’m not in school for creative writing and the likelihood of my greatest fear depends on how badly I want to succeed.
  31. I would most like to change my greatest fear.
  32. My idea of a mastery is being a master in one subject or topic.
  33. My greatest dream is to succeed and be proud of where I am.

The Unsung Hero of Ratchet Racey

It’s a Sunday morning in the dorms, it’s 2A.M., and everyone is just getting back from a party to celebrate the crazy win the football team had earlier.  Things get messy,  put a hundred-fifty eighteen and nineteen year-olds together and things are bound to go a little chaotic.  We’ve all been here, everyone that has gone to college knows this type of night.  But did you ever wonder who cleaned up after you and your friends drunken night, or even think to thank that person.

Well that person in Racey, one of Shenandoah University’s freshmen dorms is Roxanne, or known to the residents as Ms. Roxy.  She has been cleaning Racey for the past year and a half, and before that worked in the University’s kitchen.

This wasn’t always the job Ms. Roxy intended to have.  When she was younger to would say “I’m going to be a vet.”  She loves animals, which her five cats can attest to, so that is what she wanted to do.  But a pregnancy senior year of high school that left her pregnant at graduation steered her path in a different direction.  She didn’t go off to college like others in her year, she stayed home, got a job, and had her daughter.

When Ms. Roxy first graduated high school and had her daughter, she got jobs at factories.  The factories she kept working out, which were mainly car part factories, kept closing down.  The pay wasn’t good so she kept renting homes to live in.  Eventually she wanted a real home for her and her family and through habitat for humanity, finally got her very own place.

After all her factory jobs Ms. Roxy came to Shenandoah University to work for Sodexo in the kitchen.  After five years in the kitchen she decided to work on the actual campus and work as a custodian for a little more money which she needed after getting back together with her daughters father and having a second child, a son, with autism.

Ms. Roxy rubs away tears in her eyes when she talks about her life at home and having to provide for her two children on the insufficient pay from the University.  Her parents are getting old and want to live with her but there is no room in her house for them and no money to move to a different house.  And she doesn’t want to be working in the dorms the rest of her life, it wears on her dragging garbage up and downstairs and cleaning up after everyone, and for such a scant pay, she say’s it’s not for her.

She wants something better and tried to achieve it.  She went to Lord Fairfax Community College one year to try and get a degree but ultimately dropped out because it was too hard with work and taking care of her children.

The dorms in any school would not function without the cleaning staff.  They’re the unsung heroes of college campus that never get the recognition they deserve.  So next time you see the custodian, thank them and talk to them.


Mo Mozuch an editor at the iDigital Times is living the life many college students envy and want.  He gets to show up  to work and test out video games and other new technology products.  If that isn’t sweet enough he gets to show up when he wants, not the standard nine to five job most people have to do.  What else could someone want in life.

It was not always this easy for Mozuch.  He worked hard to get where he wanted.  He moved his life to New York, because if you want a job in communications the best places to go are the big cities, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are the cities to be in.  But moving to the city doesn’t automatically get you the job you want.  It is still hard work from there.  Mozuch worked at a Chipotle in the Empire State Building before landing a job.  Eventually with persistence he got the job he wanted by following up on an interview.

In a class visit, Mo Mozuch talked easily about his job and favorite games and his life.  He helped our class get a better understanding of the communications major we are in and what we would have to do for it.  It opened my eyes to how hard it actually is to start a career out of school, especially in this major.  You’re not going to get the first job you interview for and whatever job you do get will just be an entry level job.  It showed me that my first job out of college might not even be what I went to school for, I might be a hostess at a restaurant before I even get a job in communications.  Now he gets to lounge around and play video games.

He talked to us about communications and talked a while about video games, which is his passion obviously based on his profession.  This shows that if you do what you love you won’t be working, it’ll be fun.  Everybody always says that but him talking about his life and job showed it.

Fallout 4

Mo’s take on Fallout 4

Video game athletes