Mo Mozuch an editor at the iDigital Times is living the life many college students envy and want.  He gets to show up  to work and test out video games and other new technology products.  If that isn’t sweet enough he gets to show up when he wants, not the standard nine to five job most people have to do.  What else could someone want in life.

It was not always this easy for Mozuch.  He worked hard to get where he wanted.  He moved his life to New York, because if you want a job in communications the best places to go are the big cities, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are the cities to be in.  But moving to the city doesn’t automatically get you the job you want.  It is still hard work from there.  Mozuch worked at a Chipotle in the Empire State Building before landing a job.  Eventually with persistence he got the job he wanted by following up on an interview.

In a class visit, Mo Mozuch talked easily about his job and favorite games and his life.  He helped our class get a better understanding of the communications major we are in and what we would have to do for it.  It opened my eyes to how hard it actually is to start a career out of school, especially in this major.  You’re not going to get the first job you interview for and whatever job you do get will just be an entry level job.  It showed me that my first job out of college might not even be what I went to school for, I might be a hostess at a restaurant before I even get a job in communications.  Now he gets to lounge around and play video games.

He talked to us about communications and talked a while about video games, which is his passion obviously based on his profession.  This shows that if you do what you love you won’t be working, it’ll be fun.  Everybody always says that but him talking about his life and job showed it.

Fallout 4

Mo’s take on Fallout 4

Video game athletes



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