Stories in the Media



Rare Supermoon Eclipse Around the Globe

Featured and Planned

Characteristics- Time, Human Interest

The story showed what people around the world saw during the Supermoon in September 27th.  I would have added pictures of the moon from the cities they talked about.  I would have liked to know the dates of the last three supermoons in the tetrad.  I would have changed the fluff they had about the people in different locations, it was unnecessary, we don’t need their backstory just what they saw.


Here’s Why Russia is Dropping Bombs in Syria Now


Characteristics- Time, importance, conflict

The story showed the background between Syria and Russia the past few years during the Syrian Civil war.  I would have added why the Civil War started and I would like to know why.  I would have changed the picture sizes, they took away from the story and made it seem a lot longer than it was so it could turn people off.


Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 to Family of Baby with Cancer


Characteristics- Human interest

The story talked about how one of Taylor Swifts back up dancers from her tour, his baby nephew just got diagnosed with cancer show she donated over double what they wanted on their gofundme.  I would have added a picture of them together.  I would like to know how she heard of the babies cancer.  I would have changed nothing.


Caitlyn Jenner Totally Rocked it at the Point Foundation’s Annual Voice’s at the Point Gala

Special Segmenting

Characteristics- Human Interest

The story talked about how Caitlyn Jenner presented the Horizon Award to Zach Zyskowki at the gala.  I would have added what the Horizon award is for.  I would like to know why this gala is thrown.  I would have changed the points made in the story.


School Shootings, Mass Killings are “Contagious,” Study Finds


Characteristics- Time

This story talked about how school shootings and mass killings are becoming more and more common everyday and how if a shooting occurs another becomes more likely to happen in the next 13 days.  I would like to know what shooting started this turn towards mass shootings.  I would have added shootings that were back to back proving the theory.  I would have changed how it was told, it had too much surrounding the facts.



Oregon shoot: Initial reports of 10 dead at Umpqua Community College


Characteristics- Importance, Time

The story talks about the shooting and how it has turned to a nonactive shooting and the shooter has been detained.  Would have added if the 20 injured are in critical.  Would like to know who the shooter is and I would have changed that they used assumptions instead of straight facts.


Oregon’s Shooters Father: Gun Laws Have to Change


Characteristics- Importance, Time, human interest

The story is a reporter talking to the Oregon’s shooter father and talking about gun control and how he doesn’t understand how his son could so easily compile 13 guns and how he did not know his son had any guns.  I would like to know how he got all the guns.  Would have added if his family knew about his mental state before the shooting.  Would have changed the order, had the facts about shooter’s life before gun control.


The Acronyms Teens Really Use on Social Media

Special and Enterprise

Characteristics- Human Interest

This story is Anderson Cooper talking about a study about teens secret lives on social media.  I would like to know where they did this study, if it was in a specific state or nationwide.  I would have added more interviews from teens.  I would have changed have parent interviews.


IPhone 6S: A lively, speedy upgrade


Characteristics- Time, human interest

This story is a video about the new IPhone 6S and all the differences between the 6 and 6S.  I would like to know how to do the 3D touch it shows.  I would have added why it is heavier.  I would have changed that it was all reading words on a screen.


Review: “The Martian” is a pleasure


Characteristics- human interest, time

This story is the about the facts and fiction in the movie “The Martian.”  I would have liked to know if the author purposely put these similarities into the book and movie.  I would have added when the book was written for reference.  I would have changed that it was mostly about NASA and not the movie.



Father Believes Oregon Shooting Victim Saved His Daughter’s Life

Featured and Breaking

Characteristics- Time

This story talked about the shooting in Oregon and what one person, Lacy, witnessed and experienced during the shooting in her classroom.  This story is told through her father.  I would like to know if there are others that were saved by victim’s too.  I would have added comments from the daughter.  I would have changed the commentary in the beginning about someone else.


Women Find A Fertility Test Isn’t as Reliable as they’d Like

Special and Enterprise

Characteristics- Human Interest

This story is about a woman named Sam at 36 is freezing her eggs so she can have a child later on and how she doesn’t have as many left as they would like.  Also how fertility test are just one snapshot in time and can’t tell how fertile you really are.  I would like to know more about the fertility test.  I would have added why they can’t tell if eggs are good or not.  I would have changed the fluff around Sam in the beginning.


The Surreal Reason’s Girls are Disappearing in El Salvador: #15

Investigative and Planned

Characteristics- Human interest

This story is taken from a radio show that talks about the difference of being fifteen means around the world.  This segment is on girls in El Salvador.  I would like to know statistics of murders of young girls in El Salvador.  I would have added what happens to families when they leave El Salvador for the safeness of the United States.  I would have changed the name of the murdered girl so the gang could not find out they talked about it.


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