My Creative Autobiography

  1. The first creative moment I remember is senior year of high school when my english class was told to write a love story and most people wrote a typical cinderella story but I wrote a love story between two whales called “Whale You Always Love Me.”  I got the best grade in the class and my mom framed it as a typical mother does and then signed me up for creative writing the next semester.
  2. My teacher who told all the other classes she taught about it and my mother.
  3. The best idea I ever had was to transfer schools.
  4. It was great because being at private school, I was allowed to be more creative and be my own person instead of being just one person in two thousand other students like at public school.
  5. The dumbest idea I ever had was to lie to my mom.
  6. It was dumb because mothers find out everything.
  7. I was a dumb teenager that wanted to be able to go out all the time like everyone else at school but didn’t realize that my mom had my best intentions in mind and didn’t want me to turn out like everyone else at school.
  8. My creative ambition is to be able to have a job that makes a lot of money that I love.
  9. My obstacles are finding a job that I truly do love and won’t get bored of.
  10. Vital steps to achieving this is graduating college and doing internships while at college and to get a job after graduation.
  11. I begin my day by going to the bathroom and washing my face and eating, eating is very important to me.
  12. My habits are putting my contacts in then deciding I need to pee.
  13. My first successful creative act was my whale story because that made my English teacher talk to me a lot more and give me the extra boost above everyone else.
  14. My second successful act was a short story I wrote in creative writing the next semester and it was the first time I let people besides the teacher read my work.  We had a poetry slam type event where we were supposed to present our short stories in different topics and I did one for #SerialKillerProbs and I had a girl in the dram department present it and everyone loved it.
  15. My first act lead to my second act.
  16. My attitude towards money is I want it, I’m accustomed to a certain lifestyle and I want to keep that lifestyle and I will work hard to keep it.  My attitude towards power is I like to have it.  My attitude towards praise is when it is giving towards me I like it, but I don’t constantly need it.  I’m a lacrosse goalie and we don’t exactly get a lot of praise so I’m used to praising myself.  My attitude towards rivals is if you have them they push you harder than a friend does.  My attitude towards work and play is if you don’t work you can’t play.
  17. The artists I admire most are Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph of Twenty-One Pilots because they created such a different sound but can connect to so many people through their music.
  18. They are role models because they made something of theirselves and along the way helped people find music to be with them through everything.
  19. My role models and I don’t want to be ordinary.
  20. No one regularly inspires me.
  21. My muse is a dog I used to have named Blizzard.
  22. Muse is someone or something that serves as inspiration.
  23. When confronted with superior intelligence I ask them to help me and teach me.
  24. When faced with stupidity, hostility, intransigence, laziness, or indifference in others I try to reason with them and show them why we should be doing or thinking how we are but I don’t want to argue with someone being lazy or stupid so if it turns into an argument I stop and just do me and do what I want and be my own person.
  25. When faced with a threat of failure I work harder so I don’t fail.
  26. When I work I love the result.
  27. My reach exceeds my grasp when I take on too much in too little time.
  28. My ideal creative activity is writing.
  29. My greatest fear is that I won’t live up to expectations that my family have put on me.
  30. The likely hood of doing my creative activity is not high because I’m not in school for creative writing and the likelihood of my greatest fear depends on how badly I want to succeed.
  31. I would most like to change my greatest fear.
  32. My idea of a mastery is being a master in one subject or topic.
  33. My greatest dream is to succeed and be proud of where I am.

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