You’re 21 and it’s Halloween.  The best day of the year with candy and costumes and partying.  But you’re too old to go trick-or-treating and too young to be handing out candy to the kiddies.  So what do you do?

You go on the Halloween train, that’s what you do.  The perfect place for twenty and thirty year olds to have fun on Halloween partying but also fulfilling there youthful side with so sweet sugary candy.

This train isn’t like any other train.  It will do a round trip starting Westchester NY making it’s way to the city and back for a four hour long party.  The first few cars would be a haunted house based on the Walking Dead to get your scare out.  Then the next car would be a candy bar set up like Dylan’s Candy Bar to satisfy your sweet tooth on Halloween.  Then the next car would be just a bar to get a drink after all the scaring and to loosen you up.  Then the next few car would be playing music and have dance floors and mini-bars and would be designated for the party.  Then the last car would be a chill relaxing bar with many sofas and chairs and tables for people to sit and get to know each other.

This train is like no other Halloween experience.  It’s everything about Halloween in one.  The party, the scare, the candy, the drinking, and of course the costumes all in one big party with all the twenty one year olds and up in the Westchester, Putnam, Duchess, Fairfield, and Rockland Counties.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Halloween Treats

Why we need our own thing

Walking Dead Haunted House

To be served at the bar

When I interviewed three people about this idea the comments I got were positive and here are some things they said.


Tess Rivera thinks the idea is sick and wants this to happen.  She said though that all the workers should have to be in costume and make them good costume to give it a good feel.


Jackie Hemler also thinks the idea is good and off of what Tess said, she agrees because on Halloween this year she went to a restaurant and the waitress was in costume and she said it gave it a better atmosphere.


Jen Northam suggested that their should be another train earlier in the day for kids and families to experience it too.  When Jackie heard that she also suggested a babysitting service for the night train for adults.


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