Martian Redo

The first time we did the Martian project, it was a slap in the face.  It showed how little thought we put into and even if we thought we were doing it right, checking everything off, we didn’t ask to make sure it was right.  The second time doing it overall seemed a lot better.  Personally I felt like I put more thought into it.  As a group we still had some problems but at least this time we met and talked about it instead of just texting.

Doing this project I realized again that I do really like PR.  I enjoyed learning about it last year but haven’t touched on it much this year, and this project wasn’t really PR but it still had the idea of thinking in creative ways to voice and show a topic which I liked.  I still don’t like being in front of people but I think when I’m confident and excited about a topic and sharing my thoughts and ideas I’m able to come out and speak in front of people.

I like to think I’m good working in a group and on a team because I am on a team and have been playing team sports my whole life so I’ve been working with people on the field my whole life.  And my mentality on the field is always just lets win, not let me break this record now.  But being on a team for sports I have trained with them at six in the morning and eleven at night, through all those hours of training and team dinners and overnights, I’ve learned to trust them.  They know me, I know them; our lives, our strengths and our weaknesses.  My problem with group projects in class is I don’t know them so I don’t trust them so I think I worry too much about them.


The World Wide Web

Students use the web to help study
Students use the web to help study

The World Wide Web is what you log onto on your computer or phone or tablet or any device that can connect to wifi or data usage and it will connect you to anything you want to connect to in the world.  The Internet has everything you need to know and it can connect you to other people across the globe in less than a second.

The best examples of The World Wide Web today is Google and social media.  Google is a search engine that most people use and is connected to many browsers now.  Social Media connects to people using pictures and words to help keep others up to date on what they are doing.  It can be purely social, Instagram and Snapchat are mainly used socially but other sites can be used for business too.

Some vocabulary you need to know while using the web is Internet, search engine, social media, Google, browser, and lingo including btw, lol, brb, and hbu.

Thought leaders in this topic are Mark Zuckerberg who created FaceBook one of the biggest social media sites and Bill Gates.

To keep up in this area you need to just keep using technology that connects you to the web and notice the changes and the updates.

If you wanted to work in this area you would need to know how to code and use technology extensively.  You could work at Google or FaceBook or any company really because everyone today is connected to the web.

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