My Life Back on Social Media

Earlier this year my phone stopped working.  My upgrade was not up so my parents would not buy me a new phone and they told me to figure it out myself.  So being a broke college student, I went along with not having a phone.  I went a whole month without having a phone.  Unheard of in 2015!  Finally my parents bought me a new phone, but it was because of a broken elbow and hospital visits and them stressing over not being able to get a hold of me especially while at the hospital.  Who knew a broken elbow could actually be good?

Well the month without a phone was definitely something different from a usual teenager in our time.  I couldn’t see the scandalous Instagram pic that girl at the part posted the second it happened, I had to hear about it from other, I didn’t know the score of the football game everyone was talking about (like how do the Buccaneers beat the Saints?), and if you wanted to hang out you had to do it real old school and come to my room and see if I was there.

Now I have the new iPhone 6s and no I did not get the rose gold, it freaks me out and looks like a penny.  But I seriously upgraded.  Now I can have anything I want at the tips of my fingers, especially since it has 64 gigs for useless apps (thanks mom!).  Has that month changed me? I honestly do think so.  Let’s be real, I’m nineteen years old so when I opened that box I was downloading every app and sending snaps of me actually having a phone and answering texts from forever ago.

Yes I’m a normal 2015 nineteen year old girl, I don’t leave my room without my phone.  But that month taught me that everything I do doesn’t need to be recorded on social media, and maybe somethings are better left off social media (do I really need pong champs on my story?).  I do however leave my phone in my room when I’m walking around my floor of the dorms so when I go talk to people I actually talk to people.  I don’t constantly need to be checking Twitter and Tumblr, if something is that important it will find it’s way to me eventually.

I will admit, life is a lot less awkward with a phone.  And by a lot, I mean A LOT.  It is a lot less awkward sitting in class those ten minutes before it starts using my phone so I don’t just stare blankly at the board.  Walking through campus and seeing that boy you danced with is a lot less awkward when you can whip out your phone and stare at it pretending you don’t see the boy.  And it is a lot easier to get a hold of my family especially since they don’t have iPhones.  It’s nice being able to call my mom to tell her to tell my pets that I love and miss them (yeah I guess I miss mom too, her cooking is pretty spectacular).

Having a phone definitely does make life easier.  I can communicate with my parents all the time now which is really good for when I see something I want to send a text to add money in my account (definitely talking about that cute sweater dress).  Not even just to buy clothes and food, which I usually do, but even texting them when something serious happens.  My sister’s car has been dying this week for some reason so she had to call AAA and my parents, what would I have done if that was me during the month of no phone! Also being a college athlete, I’ve realized I NEED a phone.  I would never know when practice was or moved to or where to meet for events without my phone because everything is sent over our phones.  Also when I get emailed from my coach and need to respond ASAP, it’s good having my phone to respond.  Even for emailing professors about work.  Because during that week I definitely did not answer about ten emails from my coach and probably another ten from professors.

In a world where a cell phone is a commodity, it is actually a disadvantage to not have one.  People may think you’re getting in touch with yourself and you shouldn’t rely on a phone to control your life.  I agree you shouldn’t have to have your phone on you at all hours of the day and night.  But in this day and age, the only way you’ll keep up in life is having a phone.

Get a Smartphone!!!

They’re not really that bad!


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