Plot Twist I’m Actually 19

A few days ago I gave into the new social trend of online dating. I did not do this for myself but to see why everyone loves it and what people do on these sites. No, I did not sign up for eHarmony or (I’ll leave those to the ones that want the church bells ringing) but went on a much more generational site, Tinder!

I always heard that people just look for sex on Tinder, so I set out to see if it is true. Short answer: it is.

Long answer, there are a lot of corny pick up lines, compliments, unwanted nudes, numbers given out, new SnapChat friends, and more followers on Instagram. Most men on Tinder I have realized are on for a quick hookup, but there are the few that put on that they want something more (I don’t think Tinder is really the right place, but you do you). I don’t get matched with girls, but talking to girls on campus I’ve realized most girls do it for the confidence booster, which it is great for when the cute guy matched you back.

So what actually happened during my three days on Tinder? Well I got 257 matches, (go me) and about a hundred new messages. When I got questions about why I am on Tinder I told them I came on to write to article. I did ask why some were on themselves and guy named Sean told me “A friend hooked up with a girl from college” so he decided to try it out. Another guy I matched with, Andrew, said “Well I was bored and it’s fun talking to new people.” There are a lot of the easy going guys like Andrew that are just talkative people and want to talk and a lot more that have the same mindset as Sean and just want a quick hookup.

Many of the guys were funny to talk to, they would give a corny pick up line and a good compliment. But then there were the few that thought aggression was the way into girl’s pants. One guy for instance, called me gorgeous and me being me said “I know.” Well apparently some guys don’t like confidence on a girl because that made him call me ugly (boy, have you seen me?) So I responded with something arrogant about how I’m perfect and he took that as sending me messages about what he wanted to do to me. I told him to stop and I wanted nothing to do with him but he kept on going. He was very aggressive. I always saw post on Tumblr about guys being too aggressive with girls on social media and this was my first encounter with that.

I also realized during my experience on Tinder, there are many, many, and many of you Shenandoah students on Tinder. I figured I would come across the occasional SU student, but really there was a lot. The biggest contenders were the sports teams and conservatory kids really got in there. I tried not to swipe right for the SU students but there were the few that I was either dared to swipe right for or it was just too tempting not to swipe right. It was interesting to see who I matched with on campus. There were the guys I had class with but never actually spoken a word to, but we still matched. There were my friends that I didn’t even know had Tinder. And then there were the people I’ve never even seen before in my life (sorry conservatory kids, never met any of you but some of you are real cute). It’s strange to find all these people walking around on the same campus essentially rating you and others based on your appearance in the five pictures you choose for your profile. All this person knows about you is your looks.

My few days on Tinder were definitely three of my most interesting days in Winchester. I did not meet up with anyone but the act of talking to people in town and even on campus was interesting. To even know there’s that many people in town on Tinder makes you think, is this the future of dating? What happened to meeting someone in class or at the coffee shop or finding a nice hookup at a party? Social media and smartphones and filters are changing the game, if it is for the better or worse, well we’ll soon find out.


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