My Semester in MCOM101 (Which I Might Not Even be in?)

IMG_0014 (1)

This semester has definitely been a wild but interesting semester.  I learned a lot about myself (like my lips are pretty rad), about my friends (all of our first loves, that I really do procrastinate, and how much I hate Coke.  I did make new friends, and one of them I think we got closer than ever, and I bonded even more with a friend I already had and it turned into a good partnership for the both of us.  This blog doesn’t even begin to describe everything that happened this semester, but it is a good insight to what we did as a class.

Even though this is just a 101 class that I didn’t think I’d get much out of since I already took upper level courses, I did.  And it wasn’t just learning about mass communications, but about me.  I don’t think a class has ever taught me so much about myself.  This blog, and even talking in class and puking on the page really did make me get in touch with myself and how I felt about certain issues.  Starting with our first assignment, when I wrote about my week without my phone, which turned into a month without my phone.  Before I wrote about it, I didn’t fully realize the impact of it on my life.  And putting my feelings and thoughts into words made me realize a lot about how I few and use technology and social media and even the world around me.

I learned my process for doing assignments that I’m not excited for are shit.  The ones I am excited for are a little less shitty.  When I wasn’t excited for an assignment I would usually forget about it until the day before and then spend an hour doing it.  The ones I was excited for, I wold usually be so excited I would start the second I got back to my room.  But then I would stop to go to my next class, then lifting, then food, then finally bed.  All of these other activities would make me forget about it until the day before class.

The writing process I should be doing but don’t

I think my creativity as a communication major grew.  I now bring my MCOM journal in my bag everywhere I go and when I get an idea for a story, I whip out my journal and write it down.  I also liked having the journal to organize my thoughts because it is a lot easier to do on paper instead of doing it on my phone like I used to.

For next semester, and just for now on, I’m going to get a journal to walk around with at all times.  Not like my personal diary journal where I put all my feels, but a small one that can even fit in my purse.  I’ll bring it around with me to jot down article ideas or just write down something interesting I heard or saw that deserves to be remembered.  I’m also going to keep this blog, even though some stuff are more personal or aren’t the best to show, I think it’ll be good to show in the future to employers where I started and where I am at that point.  It shows my progress and what I can and cannot do well.

Even though I don’t know if I’m even in this class, but I showed up every day of the semester, I wouldn’t take it back.  This class taught me more than just content, it taught me to be a group member, it taught me what works for me, and it taught me, me.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 1.46.41 PM
The first thing our group really did

Learning Videolicious and Different Things to do with it was a Big Part of the Semester


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