Why I Care About Me

Everyone cares about something, whether it be their dog, their best friend, their favorite sweater, it can be anything.  But if you asked someone to list out all the things they care about, why wouldn’t they put themselves?

People now think that caring about yourself is selfish.  But it shouldn’t be.  Just because you care about yourself doesn’t mean you care less about others.

Today people see it as a self esteem as being cocky when it is not.  When did everyone loose their self esteem and critique people that still had theirs?  Everyone should love themselves, but people put so much before themselves.  Your needs should be above anything else in your life.  Yes I love my family, but I love me more.

I went around campus asking people what they care and love most in life.  Only one person said themselves.  That speaks a lot for how people today view life.

What people on campus said


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