The Worst Lie Can Be The Best Story

Every writer has strengths and weaknesses.  That’s just a part of life, even Michael Phelps has weaknesses in certain races.  No one can be perfect at everything but if you can perfect one part of your writing and build upon the rest of it to create your own unique style you can still be a great writer.  I’m no different, I have a mind full of creative stories waiting to break free but where do I put that comma?

I can think of the story but I have trouble building the story.Grammar has been and always will be a great struggle for me and my writing. Not only grammar but transitions, I never know when to stop the sentence and how to transition into the next paragraph.  All of these been qualities of a great storyteller, all my struggles.

I’m a great liar.  I have since the day I was born, my mother always says I was the only one of us four kids that never had a tell, there was no way of knowing if I was lying or not.  Still true to this day, with the amount of lies hidden behind my pretty smile she’ll never really know what her daughter has done.  But I can use this to my storytelling advantage.  Not only can I come up with these incredible lies to write stories about (all my little lacrosse girls think I broke my elbow fighting a shark while surfing in the Long Island Sound) but I can also write stories about what I’ve done but because I could potentially get in trouble for some of these things I’ll just write about them in my stories.

Not only am I creative but I like to base lots of my stories off of emotion.  My emotions are so strong that it comes naturally to me to write about it.  I change the story, keep the emotions.  If someone has had the same emotions as me and felt the same way then they can relate to the story better and it will resonate with them.  All of my favorite stories have somehow hit me emotionally because it’s nice to know someone’s there for you and knows how you feel.  If I ever actually let people read my stories, I would want them to know that there’s someone that feels the same and they have something to relate to.  My way of interesting my reader is through emotions, every story teller needs something to keep their reader reading and that’s mine.

All of my weaknesses of storytelling are the basics that I can improve upon.  When I think of all the aspects that I struggle in that seem to outnumber my strengths I need to look back on myself and realize I can easily work on all of these.  I can’t just create creativity and voice, the aspects that I thrive in.  Creativity is born within me, no one taught me how to be creative.  No one told me as a kid I should lie, they actually told me the exact opposite, but lying was too fun.  Why not create a new life and adventure for everyone you meet?  There’s seven billion people in this world and I plan on having each of them know a different Rachie.  Why?  Because I can.