On The Bear Mountain

They were driving down the windy Bear Mountain as rain poured down on their windshield and the thunder crackled above them.

Clara pressed her foot violently against the acceleration; she had no time to waste.  The baby lay sleeping in the passengers seat.  She remembered her promise.  She must get the child to safety.  The mountain marked the final obstacle between them and freedom, but she could feel herself being followed.  She looked over the mountains edge and reluctantly lifted her foot from the pedal, slowing a bit in fear she may inadvertently drive them off the edge.

The steering wheel shook with the rocky mountain road, and Clara gripped harder, eyeing the sleeping infant.  In the instant she took her eyes off the road, her wheels wobbled and the car began to spin – it all happened so fast.  Her mind went blank as she felt herself and the car, with the baby in tow, tumble down the mountainside.  Barely breathing and in shock, Clara looked up at the cliff above her once the car came to a stop at the base of the mountain, and there he was, looking down at her.

The man grabbed Clara and screamed at her “this is OUR child, you may not take our child away from me.” The man then grabbed Clara by the throat and threatened to take her life if he did not allow her to see the child.  It took all of Clara’s strength, but she slammed her fingers in the man’s face, and gouged his eyes with her fingers.  As the man lay there screaming Clara escaped with the child as fast as humanly possible.

She found a rowboat lying on the edge of the Hudson, just waiting to be taken.  She placed the baby under the bench.  She pushed the boat into the polluted waters and hopped in and started rowing.  She made her way the half mile north the where Camp Smith begins and ran to the standing officer.  She told him she was in trouble and he took her in to protect her and the baby until police arrived.


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