1.  UI Renovations
    1. Riddleberger Brothers, H&W Construction, and Gear Co. trucks have been spotted outside UI
    2. Talk to each company
    3. Talk to Keasler about it
    4. Plot= Rebirth
  2. Emily Yergin 3rd consecutive POW
    1. Talk to Yergin, Captain, Coach Pike
    2. ODAC POW is very hard to get most people go their entire college career without getting it, it is almost unheard of to get it two times in one season, especially consecutive, even less known three times consecutively and as a freshman
    3. Plot=The quest
  3. Women’s Soccer 7 Game Win Streak
    1. The women are looking to be number one in ODACs this year with a bid into the national tournament.
    2. Talk to captains, Coach Pike, Star players
    3. they came close last year, is this the year another team gets an ODAC championship

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