This semester was a long and stressful one.  Starting junior year means taking all upper level courses and having to actually think about the future.  Taking Media Writing was no different than any other upper level course (except a lot more writing.)

Going into this class I figured I would just be writing a lot, which I already do for the paper.  I went into this class thinking “Okay, going to tune up my writing and editing skills.”  I did not think I would get much more out of this class.

What I did get out of this class was a whole different perspective of writing.  I never learned to have one focus or how to write a lede before this class.  Now I’m always conscious about the lede and focus when writing articles for the paper and for anything really.

I also learned that there are many other professions for writing than journalism.  You just need to find your niche and do that.  Through this class with all the different types of writing we did I tried to find what I want to do with my future.

I realized that even though I love to lie (I limit it to just dumb boys at parties now) fiction might not be what I want to do.  Even though I would love to just sit down and write a book anywhere in the world, I don’t necessarily have the patience for that.  But I’ve always put my own feelings and thoughts in my writing even if it was technically fiction (you need to go through a first heart break before writing about one) and doing something like our narratives.  Being able to have someone else’s story and writing it for them could be something I’m interested in and it is a type of writing I’ve gotten into lately with “99 Stories of the Game” which is the one and only Wayne Gretzky’s voice and with the “Loyal Lieutenant” which is George Hincapie’s voice.  Would I want to write an athletes story? Maybe not unless Gordie Howe could come back from the dead.  But so many people have insane stories they could talk about and I could write,(ghost stories and supernatural experiences would be cool) it would be like mashing my two types of writing together.

I basically learned that writing is something that I would want to go into in the future (the whole 18 months future).  I also learned video making is hard and takes a long time, and if I need to do it to get a job I will (I’ll need money for all my eating) but it would be nice to steer clear of video making.